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We help entrepreneurs write emails that connect to their audience and increase client trust, retention and sales. 

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It's time to stop ignoring your list

Many entrepreneurs struggle to nurture their email audience because they don’t have the time or expertise to communicate effectively or consistently to their list. We help busy entrepreneurs create emails that convert more customers and increase sales. 



Nurture Emails

Consistency is key. These ‘nurture’ emails are to keep your business ‘top of mind’ to your list. They are value focused emails sent out at least once a week to grow client trust, retention and sales.

*Strategy Session

*Customer/Offer Clarity 

*Custom Nurture Emails Strategy 

*List Segmenting (Optimization)

*Quarterly Review & Planning

*Monthly Analytics Report

*A/B Split Testing

*Spam Trigger Word Screening

*Backend Scheduling

*1 Email / Week Minimum


Welcome Sequence

We’ll write a clear and strategic welcome email sequence that we’ll set up to automatically send to your new leads after they sign up to receive any lead-generator you have. These are key sequences to have in place to generate more sales with less effort.

*Strategy Session

*Customer/Offer Clarity 

*Custom Welcome Sequence Strategy 

*List Segmenting (Optimization)

*A/B Split Testing

*Spam Trigger Word Screening

*Backend Automation Set Up

*8 + Emails


Launch Emails

Launch your new membership, course, product or service to your audience with ease with our proven email launch strategy email series. 

Pre-Pre Launch, Pre-Launch, Launch, Post Launch

*Strategy Session

*Customer/Offer Clarity 

*Custom Launch Email Spreadsheet 

*List Segmenting (Optimization)

*A/B Split Testing

*Spam Trigger Word Screening

*Backend Set Up

*20 + Emails 


Do your emails stand out against the competition?

That’s where professional copywriting comes in and a solid marketing strategy behind it. Just ‘winging it’ can get you some results, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a solid plan in place that you barely had to think about? We make email marketing easy, fun, and effective.




About Me

Hi, I'm Samantha

Founder of the Boldness Factor, and I’m honored and excited to have you here! As a business owner myself, I understand how easy it is to put emails on the ‘back burner’. However,  I see time and time again the power of strategic email marketing and it’s key role as a part of your sales funnel strategy that should never be skipped.  

I get it. You wear a lot of hats as an entrepreneur, and you also know you’re not supposed to do it all alone.

You’ve already reached a certain level of success and I bet a key reason why was consistency. Email marketing is no different. It’s a long term strategy that will pay off big time. Did you know the emails you send (or don’t) are directly related to your revenue? It’s time for your next level and success and to stop ignoring your list. They signed up to hear from you for a reason. 

We’re here to make nurturing your email list easy and fun! No more dreading to sit down and write out email content. No more “crickets”. We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you. 

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'Working with Samantha has been in incredible relief.'

I knew I needed to be sending emails to my audience but didn’t have time to write or schedule them each week. She is brilliant at taking content from my blog, social media posts and creating thoughtful and valuable emails for my list. It takes me less than 5 minutes a week to review and approve…AND she schedules them for me with no hassle. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get started!”

stop putting your emails on the back burner

Your business is too important

Don’t wait another day because censorship is a thing. Social media is out of our hands who sees our content and who doesn’t. Your list is something you own. It’s direct access to your audience, and like anything – consistency is how you win at email marketing and creating a thriving and engaged audience.